Ursula Yovich
Emma Donovan

  • To create opportunities which empower Indigenous, marginalised and disadvantaged singer/songwriters, musicians and artists to sustain their holistic wellbeing through self expression, self determination and creativity. 
  • To consciously privilege the empowerment of Indigenous, marginalised and disadvantaged young women and girls to address social and cultural barriers preventing them from making a living and a social contribution.

  • To strengthen Indigenous Artists understanding of the music industry through positive engagement and professional development opportunities tied directly to creative experiences.
  • To raise the profile of Indigenous artists on a local, regional and national level through the creation of marketing materials and performance opportunities.
  • To empower Indigenous artists to achieve their career objectives through greater exposure to players in the mainstream music and media industries.
  • To create opportunities for established Indigenous artists to mentor emerging Indigenous artists.
  • To assist in the development of new industry partnerships between Indigenous and non Indigenous service providers and development agencies.
  • To foster connections in which mutual respect and cultural learning is a genuine two way commitment and process.